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The difference is in the detail

“What make our services different from any other furniture supplier?” asks Albert Ewan.

The answer: “Actually, we are salon designers.”

It pains me to say it: we are a dying breed. Being fortunate enough to have developed and honed my skills as a designer with Welonda, at the time an intrinsic part of Wella, we have now been independent for a good number of years. Unfortunately the main product suppliers don’t have this invaluable service any longer. So those following will not be able to specialise.

Been there, done that, could be a watch word! But every project is unique and salon design is forever evolving. Design trends do tend to come in cycles. A current returning trend is the continuous styling shelf and mirror that was the norm a couple of decades ago. Fortunately the technology has changed; we can now use lighting in ways we could only dream of 20 years ago, when low voltage halogen was the sign of a ‘trendy’ salon.

We consider the customer’s journey through the salon and the psychology involved. What influences their purchase, and how the environment’s colours, texture, and lighting make them feel.

The backwash area is where the customer can feel vulnerable – we hope to make this warm, inviting, and relaxing. There are many other factors to consider though, not just selling you backwashes.

My personal favourite technological advancement is 3D design – we can now relatively easily produce a visual that looks almost identical to the final look, with hopefully none of the wow and magic lost when the dream is fully realised!


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