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The ‘eeeks’ factor!

Kryolan cranks up the fearsome-but-fun factor this Hallowe’en with the launch of two new and easy hallowe’en kits.

Kryolan’s Hallowe’en kits bring a little originality rather than the standard make-up choices of the red devil, evil witch or bloody vampire.

Pumpkin Girl celebrates one of the classic traditions of the Hallowe’en holidays, the age-old carving of the Jack o’Lantern. This character kit brings to life the essence of that custom, with a touch of glamour from the shimmering glitter, resembling the coal embers from within.

For some strange reason, toys that were once found enchanting and amusing as children become eerie and creepy as adults. Dolls, puppets, and the Jack in a box all give us cold shivers, but none more so than a grown man with a painted face and a big grin. Clowns have been featured just as much in nail-biting thrillers as they have as jugglers in the circus. And so Kryolan’s Steam Punk Clown was born adding a spin on the classic clown with a vintage steampunk style. These two elements together create a zany harmony for a bizarre edge perfect for the thrill of Hallowe’en. Whether it be the terrifying smile or the sharp eyes, this decaying clown has us peeking out from behind our hands!

The two kits are available in store or from including step-by-step guides to complete the look. Kryolan City London is also offering Hallowe’en makeover services, for details please email