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The little things do count…

Last week we touched on the subject of the main problems that you may come across being a salon owner. However, it can often be the small, overlooked problems that can create the biggest issues for your business.

SALONGENIUS understand how overwhelming it can be for minor problems to get in the way of a successful day at work – because of this SALONGENIUS systems have evolved with the industry tailoring support for the things you need most! This includes the unexpected…

Solutions include storing digital versions of client cards – retaining information on what products were used, expiration dates on skin tests, as well as tailoring specific promotions to clients that would be likely to accept. Likewise, the system also contains a digital loyalty card that collates all discounts earned. This means no loss of the physical client record cards or loyalty cards that contain useful information. The system therefore saves you time and your customers money – keeping them loyal.

Don’t you hate forgetting to order stock in? Ordering too much, and not having the storage for it! SALONGENIUS management tools include minimum and maximum stock levels meaning that you’ll never over or under stock your salon again!

When it comes to the small things in your salon, they do count! Adding up all the factors that are second thoughts to you, do make a difference to the running of your salon. SALONGENIUS’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will collate all the minor details of your salon to highlight how your salon is performing, highlighting how your salon can become more efficient!

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