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The potency of modern aromatics…

Launching in May, LIFE ELIXIRS from ELEMIS is a range designed for a world on the move. When there is need for mindfulness, but no time. Where wellness is strived for, but stress dominates.

Whether you need to quiet your mind, harmonise your inner dynamism or bring things into sharp focus, the LIFE ELIXIRS range is a step forward into the future, using the powerful knowledge of the past.

These are the five emotional essentials to bring physical and mental wellness, designed to bring you back to yourself.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Tune in to you.

BREATH: Breath and aroma can never be separated. Through the breath, the power of aroma creates a unique sensory experience. Smell relays messages from our outer world directly to the brain, influencing the physical body, mind and emotions.

MODERN AROMATICS: Scent makes us stop, think, consider our bodies and emotions. Aromatherapy has the amazing power to connect with our subconscious and stimulate thought and mood.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Only the finest oils have been used. Complex, delicate, aromatics that have been studied, tried and tested over and over until all the formulas have been scientifically proven to work.


Bath & Shower Elixir 100ml £55.00

Perfume Oil 8.5ml £28.00

Candle 230g Burn time: 40 hours £36.00

Mindful Collection 5 x 6ml £38.50

Wellbeing Collection 2 x 10ml £22.00


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