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Timely announces partnership with PamperPad

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Beauty directory PamperPad has announced a partnership with cloud-based booking business Timely to bring digital efficiency to the beauty industry.

Both businesses boast founders from New Zealand and share a commitment to evolving, improving and innovating the hair and beauty industry. These early-stage businesses already have partnerships with HABIA, BABTAC and UK Active along with clients across the industry, so the move marks the start of a powerful partnership that could change the way the industry works. was founded by Haylee Benton to make it easier for great businesses in the pampering industry to attract new and create loyal valuable clients without having to slash their prices or sacrifice the quality of their service. With manageable, interactive profiles, reviews and an insurance and qualification verification system, any business in the beauty industry can supercharge their sales and marketing activity for just £20 a month.

Although Pamperpad already allows its business customers to link to their social media channels, website and email, the connection with Timely brings an opportunity to maximise its client value.

Timely and Pamperpad are now seamlessly integrated so professionals across the pampering industry can attract, engage and retain clients with ease whilst simplifying many of their operational systems and maximising the value they are able to offer their clients.

Of the partnership, Benton commented: “It is great to find other entrepreneurs that have the sae mission and values at their core. I am delighted with the service we can now offer out premium members and of course, working with a fellow Kiwi makes me feel just that bit closer to home.”;


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