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Tool Talk: Clipper vs. Trimmers



Andis’ UK Lead Educator, Baldy, demystifies the difference between clippers and trimmers, why it’s important to have both in your cutting arsenal, and tells us about his favourite tool combination and techniques.

For busy professionals, a heavy-duty clipper is a must-have. “Clippers are there for the big jobs, such as removing the bulk of the hair, whereas trimmers are for the final detailed work like trimming and lining out the style,” Baldy explains.

When it comes to choosing equipment for your kit bag, you should never compromise on one tool for another.

“To achieve a perfect finish on any style, it’s essential to have both a clipper and trimmer in your tool lineup. You couldn’t complete a full cut and style with just a trimmer as the blade teeth are much finer and would snag, rather than glide through bulk like a clipper,” he added.


“Putting some thought into the selection of your clipper and trimmer combination will not only make your job easier and ensure a satisfied client, but it will also help you to push your creative potential.”


“My go-to line up right now is Andis’ Pro Alloy clipper and Slimline Pro Li,” Baldy said. “The Pro Alloy features an adjustable blade design, making it an incredibly versatile tool in the barbershop, whilst the innovative Extreme Temperature Reduction (XTR) technology keeps the motor and blade running cooler and quieter – great for high-volume cutting. The beauty of the Slimline Pro Li is its cordless design and that it can be zero gapped, giving the barber ultimate control, precision and performance. Nothing gets closer or creates sharper lines.”


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