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Transform hair forever…

BIO A+O.E is a hair care range with a difference – it’s 100% organic and vegan!

Harnessing only the power of botanicals, BIO A+O.E. is a revolutionary brand of professional hair treatments that are 100% organic and vegan certified.

Endorsed by the world leader in premium quality human hair extensions, Great Lengths, BIO A+O.E. is formulated to give natural hair and styles that are enhanced by extensions outstanding strength and vitality, without the use of a single chemical. Using active plant ingredients, the treatments allow the hair to breath and grow, with visible and tangible results in 21 washes.

Offering five specialist treatment programmes, the range has been exclusively designed to treat a variety of common hair problems, from thin hair that needs volumising, damaged hair that needs repairing, to frizzy hair that needs taming.

The tailored programmes feature a collection of formulaic products, including cleansing shampoos, enriching conditioners, protective serums and nourishing styling masks. All treatments work to detoxify hair from chemicals and help return it to its natural condition, regaining shine, silkiness and strength. After 21 washes with exclusive application and use of BIO A+O.E., hair is transformed forever.

“As the wellness trend continues, there is a greater demand for ethically made hair and beauty products than ever before,” said Louise Jenkins, Great Lengths Education and Creative Manager. “BIO A+O.E.’s ethos of seeking out the best quality, certified and traceable products sits in harmony with Great Lengths’ brand values and we’re really pleased to be endorsing the range of high-performing products.”

The five treatment programmes are:

01 BIO A+O.E. Volumizing Treatment: Thickens and strengthens hair. Programme includes: 01 Shampoo, 100ml, 00 Conditioner, 70ml & 01 Water, 30ml

02 BIO A+O.E. Restructuring Treatment: Restructures and reinvigorates damaged hair. Programme includes: 02 Shampoo 100ml, 00 Conditioner 70ml & 02 Water 30ml

03 BIO A+O.E. Reinforcing Treatment: Hair becomes stronger and more robust. Programme includes: 03 Shampoo 100ml, 00 Conditioner 70ml & 03 Water 30ml

07 BIO A+O.E. Frizz Control Treatment: Moisturises and revitalises hair and reduces frizziness. Also helps hair dry faster and become more manageable. Programme includes: 07 Shampoo 100ml, 07 Conditioner 70ml & 07 Water 30ml

09 BIO A+O.E. Sebum Control Treatment: Reduces the production of unwanted oils on the scalp, whilst strengthening the hair and adding volume. Programme includes: 09 Shampoo 100ml, 00 Conditioner 70ml & 09 Water 30ml

The philosophy of the brand originates from Italy, where BIO A represents BIO ACQUA (organic water), the plant water obtained by distilling organic medicinal plants. The ‘O.E.’ in the name stands for 100% Organic Essence Oil, which is also obtained by distilling organic medicinal plants. All BIO A+O.E. products are certified by Organic Cosmetics™, Vegan OK™, Plant Water™, and Pure Mountain Water™ to ensure that they are not only the best for hair, but also for the environment too.

BIO A+O.E. is available to buy now from certified Great Lengths salons nationwide. For more information visit