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Faby ‘Treats’ Treatments range offers a range of prescriptive nail treatments.  For naturally beautiful nails, try:

  • Faby Nail Renew: Anti-Age Nail Strengthener. A unique treatment with an exclusive formula which combines technology and nature to combat nail imperfections. Effective and clinically tested. After 3 – 4 weeks nails are restored and hydrated. Priced: £7.95 ex VAT RRP £15.95
  • Faby Nail Refix: Nail Strengthener for Dry & Brittle Nails. A strong formula which with daily application will make your nails immediately stronger and more resistant, preventing breaking and splitting. Priced: £7.95 ex VAT RRP £15.95
  • Faby Lacquering Zero: TPO Free, soak off Gel Polish Treatment. A perfect treatment for all nails types, including weak, thin, brittle nails. The transparent, protective formula strengthens the nails; adding vitamins E & B5, allowing your nails to grow strong and healthy, lasting for 3 weeks. Priced: £95 ex VAT
  • Faby Nails & Cuticle Fitness Oil: New Generation wellness oil with anti-age action. Its vitamin E and micronized plant oils moisturise, nourish, protect and renew nails and cuticles. Priced: £5.95 and £50 ex VAT. RRP £11.75 / £8.99.
  • Faby Fitness Oil Cuticle Pen: Faby’s hero retail product and best seller. The fitness oil pen is perfect for easy brush application and handy to carry around in your bag.  Fortified with Avocado Oil, the thicker consistency ensures no oily drips!  Priced: £4.50 ex VAT Pack of 12 £50 ex VAT (one FREE) RRP £8.99


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