7 Reasons the Bank Team Loves Vish

Introducing new concepts to your team can be a struggle, but within a few weeks of installing Vish in their colour bar, the team at The Bank Hairdressing in Brigg were smitten with the tech. Two years later, owner Lucy Oliphant explains why her team still loves Vish because it stops waste, reduces orders and helps them charge accurately for all colour and services.

  1. Pitch-Perfect Records

Record-keeping is always a nightmare in salons, which means most stylists are working from memory, but having a complete list of every formula you’ve mixed for every client makes life so much easier. My team loves that they can recreate any shades the client liked, even if it was from 12 months ago, and they like being able to tweak formulas to change up the colour.

  1. Shared Motives

Vish reduces the drama when a stylist is absent. All a colleague needs to do is bring up the client’s records on Vish and simply replicate the formula if that’s what the client wants. Before it involved guesswork or calling the original stylist to see if they could remember what they did.

  1. Visualising Success

The visual function of Vish, with its colour drop that fills as you dispense each colour makes it easy to follow and as it calculates the ratios, it frees us from any complicated maths. The team really likes that.

  1. Mix To Match

We have a client who has fine hair that takes colour really easily, and one day when her usual stylist was absent, another member of the team stepped in to do her colour. It was before we had Vish. The stylist mixed up 120g when in fact all she needed was 20g. Those 100g were washed down the sink. Nowadays, when we have a new client we start with small quantities and then mix more. Vish ensures the formulas are consistent and will deliver any amount whether it’s three times the first mix or just ten percent. The team are proud of their low waste record.

  1. Every Shade, Every Time

Being able to check usage down to the gram makes it easy to replenish colour on a regular basis, so there’s no arguing over what is available or having to make do with what’s there to recreate a client’s favourite shade. Thanks to the reports Vish provides, ordering stock is quick and easy. Best of all, we only order what we need.

  1. Easy Does It

It definitely helped that we converted to Vish gradually. We had thresholds in place before Vish but no effective mechanism for charging for extra colour. When we onboarded Vish, we ran with it for a few months to capture all formulas and give the team an indication of how much more the client would need to pay once the cost of additional colour was added to their bill. We saw our colour use drop by a third and it’s remained low.

  1. Focus On The Job

Vish allows the team to be as creative as their client requires, freeing them from the stress of communicating any additional charges. They explain the Vish system to any new client during consultation so charging is transparent, but it’s the tech that lets the front desk team know exactly how much has been used and what it costs. It’s reception’s responsibility to inform the client, which allows the stylists to move on to their next client. As a business owner, I love that it’s captured around £10k in extra product charges so far this year.