A Cut Above

In this exclusive editorial, we hear from Virgin Hair and Beauty as they discuss sourcing human hair and how their colour match process helps salons in enhance client satisfaction.

Please introduce us to the brand and what it strives to achieve.

Founded back in 2015, there wasn’t much competition for virgin hair, so we used this gap in the market as an opportunity to provide better-quality hair extensions. During this period, people were using hair extensions for aesthetic reasons more than anything else, but as time has progressed, hair extensions have become a permanent part of people’s appearance.

What makes your brand stand out from competitors?

Compared to competitors, we are more customisable as a brand. A salon doesn’t need to order a full stock as there are too many variations and requirements for them to store. By reducing the minimum order quantities, salon owners can carry a wider variety of products and offer greater flexibility to their clients.

How do you source your human hair?

At Virgin Hair and Beauty, we stock a range of hair from all over the globe. European and Russian hair is bought from vendors that are linked to certificates to verify their ethical sourcing. Indian hair comes from temples that ladies donate, and we buy it to help maintain the temples and villages surrounding the temples to help the communities. Asian hair works in a similar way; however, due to cultural differences, some ladies are paid to donate their hair.

How does your online colour match increase reliability for salon owners?

Salon owners have the ability to send their clients’ desired colour over that they need to be custom made. After this, we can recommend one of our pre-set colours or design a custom piece. All hair extension companies work from a different colour wheel; thus, with the colour match, it is a lot more accurate and, in turn, increases client satisfaction.

What are the differences between human hair from different countries, and how do customers know what to opt for?

The difference in texture helps customers know what to opt for. Russian hair is very fine, catering for lighter to ice blonde hair. Indian hair is naturally more coarse and wavy, which is ideal for darker colours. European hair is most flexible as it can facilitate both light and dark shades, making them easier to manage and colour. Salon owners can contact us to find out what would be most suitable for their clients.

How can our readers work with you?

Salon owners can contact us directly, and we work with them in a wholesale manner, as they have to put their prices up to sell, depending on the order quantity.