A five-star treatment

Salon owner, Anna Nowe is always looking for ways to make her clients’ experience in her salon even better. Anna reveals the details on her hero-product range, Innovatis, which helps to deliver an unforgettable service.

Anna Hair & Style is a small exclusive salon, that’s always fully booked. Anna’s personal approach in finding the ideal treatment for every client is a big factor in her success.

Anna: “I’ve been a hair stylist for over 20 years and I am still full of passion for my work. In my salon, we believe in a holistic approach. I give my customers a tailored service for all their individual needs, so they’ll have an amazing experience.”

Anna recently started using Innovatis for treatments in her salon. Innovatis is a Spanish brand, known for luxury hair treatments with unique ingredients which recently launched in the UK. The products are made from ingredients such as diamond powder, black pearls, collagen, caviar oil, panthenol, Vitamin B5, and amino acids. 

Anna had some doubts about investing in a brand that is new to the UK, but after using it for a few months she’s very happy with the results. Anna said: “I’m very positive, because I can now offer luxury and unique treatments with excellent results. My customers’ satisfaction after the treatments is best proof that they work. All my clients are very happy with the Innovatis products and with the results after using them. They especially like the Innovatis Caviar treatment because it leaves their hair healthy and with a luxurious shine.”

Innovatis treatments do not change the hair’s structure, they do exactly what they promise, and deliver quick results. The treatments ensure that customers go home satisfied, even after invasive technical treatments like bleaching, colouring or straightening. This allows hair stylists to be more creative, without risk of damaging their customer’s hair, while giving clients a five star salon experience.

Anna: “It’s hard to choose one Innovatis product I like best, but so far, Luxury Sublime Fluid is my favourite. It leaves hair more manageable to the style, guarantees extreme softness and elasticity.”

To see positive salon results like Anna’s, visit: www.innovatisworld.co.uk


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