A fresh start

In an exclusive interview with Peter Rankin, Managing Director at Girbau UK, we find out about their innovative laundry products and the benefits they present to a successful salon.

Please introduce us to the Girbau brand and what it strives to achieve.

For more than 60 years Girbau has been working in partnership with customers to provide laundry equipment that works for their businesses. Today that means energy-efficient, high productivity washers and dryers that deliver the highest quality results.

How can Girbau’s range benefit a salon?

Well-known for its robust commercial laundry equipment, widely used in the hospitality and spa sectors, Girbau UK has just launched its first professional grade Under Counter washers and dryers that fit underneath standard 900mm height counters. Both machines combine energy efficiency, ease of use and compact size with high-quality, durable construction, making them ideal for salons.

As salons continue to push sustainable initiatives, how can salons be assured that Girbau washers and dryers work in line with this?

Sustainability is extremely important for every business today, including salons. Our equipment helps your business to reduce its carbon footprint, lower consumption of energy and water, and maximise fabric life.

A successful salon works quickly to elevate client experience and boost revenue, do Girbau washers and dryers work efficiently to fit into a modern salon scene?

The new Girbau Under Counter washer is available with a choice of 6kg or 8kg capacity. Its strong stainless steel Active Drum™ has hourglass lifters that guide loads to gentler central areas for better load balance and reduced wear on delicate items.

Quiet long-life operation is assured thanks to the washer’s sturdy Quattro™ construction with durable shock absorbers that allow virtually vibration-free high-speed spinning. It has easy-to-use LCD display and 28 flexible programs. A delayed start function means you can set machines to run using cheaper off-peak energy tariffs.

The matching Under Counter dryer can be stacked on top of the washer to save floor space. The 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and the 8kg capacity model is vented. The Sensi Dry system automatically determines the right drying time, saving energy and assuring fabric care. Convenient auto programs also save energy as the running time is automatically adjusted according to load size and the required dryness. The dryer’s memory function remembers the last program, so if nothing needs to change, you can simply press start for the next load.

How can our readers work with Girbau?

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation with your local Girbau UK area representative.

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