A night of art, innovation and inspiration at inaugural The Crafts event in London

The Crafts main

Allion Education recently hosted its first ever The Crafts event in London’s Old Spitalfileds Market, bringing together unique names form the worlds of art, craft and hair for a night to influence, energise and inspire.

Held on 21st October, the event, which is the first of its kind for the hairdressing industry, saw a selection of artists across a range of disciplines from make-up and millinery to sculpture and street art showcase their collective talents to a audience of nearly 1,800 international hairdressers.

Masterminded by Allion Education directors, Johnny Othona and Pedro Inchenko, the select group of collaborators explored the different interpretations of craftsmanship at its finest to show how it can educate and influence across disciplines.

The talented line-up included included tattoo artist, Laura Swift; make-up artist, Anna Lingis; wood sculpture by Andy Burgess; jewellery designer, Lili Colley; graffiti by Eighties Conspiracy; illustrator, Louise Jones; fine artists, Meredith Owen; origami by Alexandra and Maria Luiza Tonchievici; milliner, Jenny Mcilhatton; and ice sculptor, Wenistus Asanga Amerasinge.

Director, Johnny Othona, said: “When I googled craftsmanship, hairdressing wasn’t referenced, which frustrated me. As a result, we created The Crafts to build a platform for craftsmanship, both in the hairdressing industry and beyond, to showcase creativity in an environment accessible to all and to create long-lasting collaborations between the worlds of art and hair. Our aim was to ensure hairdressing is recognised as a craft alongside art, and we plan to make this an annual event.”