A Swift Scrummi Response to a Crisis

wandb_lrAfter reading in Hairdressers Journal [7-13 December 2012] that charity Crisis was calling for volunteers to provide a little pampering for the homeless this Christmas, the Scrummi revolutionaries kicked into action and immediately offered to supply its luxurious white waffle texture towel in support.


As reported, Crisis is setting up temporary centres in London over the festive period to provide companionship, hot meals and essential services, such as health checks, to the homeless. Part of their offering is the provision of hairdressing services which is bound to lift the spirits of vulnerable people who would otherwise spend Christmas alone, and this is where Scrummi felt they could help.


Scrummi launched into action on reading about the appeal as Marketing Manager Jane Brown explains: “We felt Scrummi was perfectly suited to this campaign as we imagined volunteers could do without the inconvenience of sourcing, using and washing towels.


“We contacted Crisis and they loved the idea that they could use our towels without having to find a way of washing and drying them for reuse. Scrummi’s can simply be popped into a recycling bin after one use so they thought it was a perfect solution!”


Scrummi has sent a consignment of towels to support Crisis at Christmas and, as MD Rob Copper explains, it’s great to do something with a feel good factor at this time of year. “We are delighted to support Crisis and be part of something that will make a real difference to the vulnerable this Christmas. It’s a really worthwhile initiative and we’re proud to assist.”


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