A Vita Medi Spa expands excellent offering with LPG

Vita1A Vita Medi Spa in Yarm is the perfect destination for those looking to treat themselves to cosmetic procedures alongside everyday beauty treatments. With the recent addition of LPG Endermologie® (Lipomassage for the body and Endermolift for the face) to its extensive treatment menu, customers can now also benefit from the excellent results this award winning technology offers.

Owner Jessica Powell opened A Vita Medi Spa in 2005, after realising there was a gap in the market for a luxury beauty clinic in the area.

Always on the lookout for new treatments, Jessica recently decided to install a LPG Cellu M6 machine in the spa. “LPG is extremely well known within the cosmetic beauty industry, so I knew that it was a reputable and trusted beauty brand. Endermologie treatments are also a great fit for our tailored weight management programme, where we advise clients on the best way for them to reduce fat based on their body composition,” says Jessica.

LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation and inventors of the Endermologie technique, specialising in non-aggressive treatments for fat reduction, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, wrinkles and cellulite.

With a rotating ‘Ergodrive’ massage head and lighter face ‘lift’ technology, the Cellu M6 is the ideal option for busy therapists and time-poor clients. This advanced machine offers higher precision and more dynamic cellular stimulation for face and body, delivering better results in less time. Offering the complete package for salons looking to grow their business, the Cellu M6 comes with touch screen technology and pre-programmed functionality to guide therapists through a menu of tailor-made programmes, and ensure consistency of treatments.

A Vita has a unique approach to beauty and wellness, offering a range of surgical, non surgical and beauty treatments all under one roof. The ground floor of the spa is populated by plastic surgeons and trained consultants who offer everything from laser hair removal, to breast augmentation and Botox treatments. Customers can also enjoy luxury Elemis treatments upstairs, as well as waxing, pedicures and facials upstairs.

A Vita offers an intense course of Lipomassage body treatment, where clients have two treatments a week for the first month, to demonstrate the effectiveness of Lipomassage in a short amount of time. Most of the spa’s clientele opt for Lipomassage to lose inches and reduce cellulite. Other options include a course of Endermolift facial treatments and Eye Lift Treatments. Clients can even opt for a combined treatment package of LPG Lipomassage and Accent machines, which help women to lose fat around their midriff and tighten loose skin, especially after childbirth.

So if you’re looking to relax, pamper yourself and even transform your appearance, head to A Vita Medi Spa to have all your needs answered.

To find out more about what LPG equipment can do for your bottom line and your clients’, please contact LPG Customer Services on 0800 085 0533 or email info@lpgendermologie.co.uk

Or go to www.lpgendermologie.co.uk