A year of beauty

In an age when diversity is being celebrated, we are embracing the importance of being ourselves!

All of us have our own story to tell, our own influences and cultures, and our own history. Each of these elements come together to make each and every one of us individual.

Individuality distinguishes us from others, giving us identity and originality. On this planet we believe the most beautiful thing is to be ‘one of a kind.’ Then, just look in the mirror, you’re wonderfully unique.

Diversity in itself is beautiful, empowering everyone who accepts it. Embrace it, take it in, respect it, appreciate it, celebrate it. We are privileged to live in a world full of so much rare and diverse beauty and at Kryolan we see it all, on every one of you.

The Kryolan Calendar for 2018 is for you and available now. Featuring a collection of twelve images of differing beauty, we honour make-up and the beauty of individualism. With the make-up designed and team headed by Kryolan’s Head of Make-up Paul Merchant, the Kryolan Calendar for 2018 showcases stunning make-up styles and the versatility of Kryolan Professional Make-up’s beauty ranges. The calendar makes a perfect Christmas present or  new year gift. We hope you enjoy this set of beautiful images all year round.

Get your copy of “Diverse Beauty, the Kryolan Calendar 2018” from Kryolan stores worldwide or visit kryolan.com for further details.