All you need to know about Belkor Bay

Emma McGuiness, the founder, created Belkor Bay with her clients’ hair in mind. Emma realised that the aftercare on the market for keratin treated hair fell short, meaning that her clients weren’t getting the best, long-lasting results from their hair treatments. Emma wanted to find a way to help her clients achieve the healthy, glowing hair that we are so used to seeing in commercials.

Emma started exploring ways that this could be done and found that many shampoos and conditioners contain sodium chloride and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). Sodium chloride is essentially table salt and is a key ingredient in many shampoos and conditioners containing SLS. It is detrimental to hair health because it absorbs moisture from its surroundings promoting dryness and stripping the hair of its natural oils, causing brittle hair. Sodium chloride can also affect coloured hair by potentially stripping away the top layer of the hair damaging its natural protective barrier, causing hair colour to fade. SLS is so efficient at cleaning the hair, that it actually strips the natural oils from the hair. These ingredients were working against everything Emma was trying to achieve for her clients, taking away the natural shine she was trying to give back to the hair.

This is how Belkor Bay was born; a sulphate, sodium chloride, paraben and cruelty free range of luxury vegan hair products.  A hair care line made up of a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and styling spray that would omit these ingredients whilst still feeling luxurious and encompassing all the things we associate with great hair. We recommend Belkor Bay to be your go-to choice of products for your clients with hair extensions, keratin treated hair and coloured hair. When using our products, you will feel the condition of your hair improving instantly.

Our formulas have been created with healthy hair at the forefront of Emma’s vision. Belkor Bay clients love our products because after the first use you will feel instant results. Our repair shampoo cleanses, repairs and softens the hair without damaging any strands; the repair conditioner will repair the hair from the inside out leaving it with a healthy glow; our intense deep hydrating repair mask re-moisturises the hair from root to tip and you can blow dry the hair with our miracle styling spray which offers heat protection, prevention of tangling and split ends and leaves the hair frizz free and with bundles of shine and movement.

We at Belkor Bay are extremely proud to be educating our clients about the ingredients that are used in our hair products and why using the correct after care is so important. We feel that it is vital for our clients to have an understanding of what they are using on their hair, and how they can get the most out of their hair treatments.

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