Allion Education announces inspirational line-up for The Crafts event

the crafts main

Allion Education has unveiled the line-up that is set to appear at its innovative The Crafts event on 21st October.

The event aims to unite hairdressers, artists and craftsmen from across the UK and London to explore the different interpretations of craftsmanship by displaying their unique abilities in hairdressing, illustration, make-up, millinery, sculpture, street art, graffiti, jewellery design, ice-sculpture, woodwork and fine art.

More than 900 attendees will be treated to talent showcases from a select group of creative collaborators at east London’s Old Spitalfields Market as part of what is set to be an inspiring evening.

Allion Education directors, Johnny Othona and Pedro Inchenko, believed there was a gap in the market for a different industry event, and let their team of innovative educators to establish a forward-thinking, educational event supported by Italian haircare brand, Davines.

Othona commented: “When I Googled craftsmanship, hairdressing wasn’t referenced, which frustrated me. As a result we have created The Crafts –a night that will allow young, old and in-between to be surrounded by others who can share what they love doing. In a city as creative and artistic as London, there are so many opportunities to discover incredible artworks and The Crafts brings together a host of talented craftspeople from varying fields to create a one-of-a-kind event. Alongside the many creative professionals who will be exhibiting at The Crafts will be young hairdressers who will present their work, showing the art of hairdressing as a craft in itself.”

The Crafts creative line-up includes, among others:

Nathan Bowen – street art
Lucy Sparrow – textile art
Anna Lingis – make-up
Andy Burgess – wood sculpture
Lili Colley – fashion jewellery design
Eighties Conspiracy – graffiti
Wenistus Asanga Amerasinge – ice sculptor

Tickets: £30/free to attendees of the Davines World Wide Hair Tour;