Alma announce the launch of the new Global Clinic Locator

Alma is excited to announce the launch of the new Global Clinic Locator. This new tool will allow patients to find Clinics offering Alma treatments in their area. This is a great opportunity for Alma partners to increase their patient demand and boost their clinic’s credibility.

To register your clinic on our website locator you will need to know your:

  • Clinic details
  • Applicator serial numbers

Your applicator serial number is located on your applicator connector. Please see the image for guidance.

Benefits of being an Alma partner include:

  • Increased patient demand
  • Boosted clinic credibility
  • No cost

We are grateful for your continued partnership and look forward to helping you grow your business.

Register here.

With the launch of this new website and clinic locator you will see us investing heavily into building even more consumer awareness next year, driving patient demand to your clinics,  with the aim of helping your business to thrive.