An Insurance Makeover

With tweakments becoming widely available in the UK, it is important to ensure your insurance covers you for providing these services. We hear from Superscript as they discuss suitable insurance for aesthetic treatments.

501,822 aesthetic procedures were carried out in the UK in 2022, according to, and the demand for these procedures is growing. With tweakments being a quick lunch break treat or part of the average self-care routine, it’s apparent that cosmetic procedures are no longer only for the rich and famous and are becoming widely available.

From Harley Street to the high street, many aestheticians and beauticians up and down the country see the money-making potential in providing these services. In fact, reports that the UK aesthetics industry is projected to grow to over £5 billion by 2026. So, whether you’re a qualified beautician looking to branch out or a dentist looking to offer treatments beyond the odd root canal, these could be very attractive figures in your bank account, regardless of your specialism.

But does your insurance cover you for carrying out these services, or at the very least, is it adequate? With all the skill and expertise in the world, mistakes happen, and they can cost you dearly. A robust insurance policy can be the safety net your business needs.

Regardless of whether you offer invasive or non-invasive aesthetic treatments, it’s important to get the right set of covers in place, specifically designed for your aesthetics business, to fortify you and your livelihood.

Treatment cover can be invaluable, as it’s designed to protect you in the event that a treatment you provide causes a client to suffer an injury, illness, disease, or permanent disfigurement—or even die. This can cover damages you’re liable to pay, including potential legal fees and costs associated with criminal inquiries into manslaughter or corporate homicide. In some cases, this type of insurance could see you or your employees compensated up to £250 a day for attending court.

Running a beauty business often involves using a fair amount of specialist equipment, particularly those with an expertise in injectables, laser treatments, or semi-permanent makeup. In this instance, business equipment insurance can cover the cost of repairing or replacing accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen equipment, including electronic essentials like your business laptop or phone.

As with any business, there are plenty of covers to choose from. You might also want to consider including public liability insurance, personal accident insurance, and even cyber insurance. And let’s not forget employers’ liability insurance—often a legal requirement for businesses with employees, whether part-time, freelance, temp, apprentice, or otherwise.

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