ARMA Health will sell PPE and Infection Control products directly to customers.

Pennine Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading privately-owned medical manufacturers, is delighted to announce the launch of its new venture, ARMA Health.

The e-commerce site is designed to bring hospital quality products directly to the consumer, following the effects of COVID-19.

Initially specialising in PPE and Infection Control products, ARMA Health will provide quality hand sanitisers, face masks, face shields, room sanitizers and isolation gowns. All these products are used in the NHS and other major healthcare providers.

Due to the current global climate and government guidelines surrounding COVID-19, it is vital that all independent businesses, retailers, and the wider community have access to the very best medical supplies.

ARMA Health will provide this service for the general public, whilst also continuing to meet demands for the NHS.

Luke Fryer, Chief Executive Officer, stated: “I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new e-commerce website, ARMA Health. The website will bring professional healthcare products directly to the consumer for the first time.

“Consumers have a limited choice of products through retailers and over the web today, and many of these products would not pass the stringent standards of hospitals. That is where ARMA Health comes in, with professional healthcare products direct to your door.”

You can find more about ARMA Health by visiting