Benefits of adding piercing to your business.

By adding a piercing service to your business, you are unlocking a range of opportunities with an amazing profit potential on every piercing. Piercing is an add on service which can help keep your current clients loyal which can be both spontaneous or booked. With a low set up cost our range of Starter Kits, all includes FREE training and marketing assets making it easier than ever to introduce piercing. All of our systems are designed with the safety of both the piercer and the customer in mind. By introducing the service into your business, you can increase footfall by attracting new clients in store which can help promote other services your business has to offer, as piercing is not available online. Piercing is highly popular amongst all ages which also makes it a great addition to introduce your brand to potential clients from a young age which helps build relationships, trust and creates memories which is a reason for them to keep returning to your business. Our Studex jewellery is hypoallergenic making it suitable for sensitive ears and is manufactured to FDA Medical Device Standards. Here at Studex we manufacturer and supply 80% of the worlds sterilised piercing supplies making us experts in our craft. Our experienced customer service team and reginal trainers are on hand to offer continued support to our Piercing Partners.


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