BLOG: An inspiring autumn for Tim Scott-Wright

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Hello again folks!

Well finally I have a bit of time to sit down and write my blog – it has been a bit crazy over the last couple of months. In a good way!

I have been on some very interesting shoots recently. First of all I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of the Schwarzkopf Inspire UK team interpreting the trends from the Essential Looks collection. Working with Tyler Johnson and the Inspire team was absolutely amazing and the results of the shoot are coming out now so you are sure to see them! You can also see the behind the scenes video on my Facebook and YouTube pages. I have to say that the PR generated by the girls at LWPR was outstanding and it was lovely to be part of an initiative that everyone is talking about! It was one of the most inspirational shoots I think I have ever been a part of.

Then the whole Hair Surgery team headed down to Salon International for two days of inspiration. It was great to be part of it and to be back on stage again and also to watch other presentations. It was a real team building weekend and even though we were exhausted at the end, it also did give us all a bit of a spring in our step!

A personally inspiring day for me was taking part in a cover shoot for HJ to celebrate 30 years of the British Hairdressing Awards where they got together past winners of the British Hairdressing Awards all dressed in their finery and created this amazing front cover image. What a delight to be there with the likes of Trevor Sorbie, Antony Mascolo, Errol Douglas, Beverly C … I could go on! I felt inspired on that shoot because it made me feel proud to be part of this incredible industry.

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