BLOG: Clipso owner Simon Cox shares his tips on running special client offers

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There are a number of ways that you can run special offers and promotions to both entice new customers and encourage loyalty with your existing client base.

New Clients:

When it comes to offers or promotions for new clients, it’s good to combine a few different methods. We tend to offer a number of incentives to encourage new clients to visit the salon. Firstly, on the Clipso website there is an offer of the month, which is altered each month to keep it desirable. This could be something like ’50 per cent off a colour service with a full paying cut service’ or ‘25 per cent off a cut and finish’. It’s good to ensure that these are posted on any social media platforms in order to reach a wider circle of clients. Secondly, consider teaming up with local businesses. For example, at the moment we’re running a campaign with a local gym and health club whereby a 30 second Clipso advert runs on their TV screens with that ends with a discount offer exclusively for their club members.

We also have postcards with an invitation to ‘Look and Feel Fantastic’ that we distribute to walk-in clients who purchase products. We always ensure that we explain these postcards to the customers and include these in their retail bag along with a pricing brochure. A ‘Welcome Brochure’ is also something that works well for us; these are designed for new clients and feature product recommendations and offer slips. Examples of offer slips that we would include are ’50 per cent off when you introduce a friend’.

Existing Clients:

For existing clients, we have an on-going loyalty and appointment card, whereby you have to collect five Clipso stamps to receive £10 off your fifth cut and finish and £5 off your fifth blow dry visit. We also have an “Introduce a friend” 30 per cent off card which really does help build a new client base.

I also work closely with a review site ( where I ask new and existing clients to post a review of the service and quality of work that we have provided for them. Take a smile from the client as the sign to pose the question, as it’s better to catch them whilst they’re happy with the service. This can be a slow burner, as you can give out ten requests and may only get one back. However after a while, with a number of reviews this encourages new business into the salon – people like what they read and it’s as simple as that!

Simon Cox is the owner of the award-winning Clipso salon in St Albans