BLOG: Clipso St Alban’s Simon Cox on dealing with complaints

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Dealing with complaints can be a somewhat difficult topic; it’s easy for staff to take a client complaint as a personal insult but the key is to remember it’s not. Bear in mind this – if you are not happy with a service or purchase, you would also voice dissatisfaction until this was rectified. Clients are no different.

Any client complaint should be embraced as another opportunity to make someone happy with your services and your salon and not to go somewhere else to become somebody else’s client. In the majority of cases, if there is a complaint, all it takes is a minor adjustment or tweak as it’s usually that the client’s expectations were slightly different than expected. A minor adjustment can make the world of difference and will result in the client’s happiness, with them revisiting again and again.

If any client is severely unhappy and wants to speak to the salon manager this should also be embraced too; start with thanking the client for coming back and sharing their thoughts, then re-consult to find out the issues and then try to resteer back to the original stylist. If the client has lost confidence in their stylist then I would suggest that the salon manager see to the hair to the client’s satisfaction and then resteer to the original stylist back thereafter.

If a client is adamant that they will not come back into the salon to rectify the matter, it is hard to suggest a course of action to help them – the best option would be for a refund to be provided, although generally this should be last case scenario. It’s important for the refund to be provided as “A Good Will Gesture” and not to point any blame as without the opportunity to access the issues there is no other option.

Granted, it’s not the best situation but it’s not worth the bad press and potential negative word-of-mouth to the salon’s reputation. This situation will seldom happen if your team are positive and helpful, nurturing their client’s needs. We all want clients to like what we have done and like us, too.

It’s important to also remember to use your skills and expertise to assist all the clients that you have in the business – they are worth it.

Simon Cox is the owner of the award-winning Clipso salon in St Albans