BLOG: Creating the perfect customer, by Clipso salon owner Simon Cox

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Creating the perfect customer is not easy, but it’s very possible!

Like any personal relationship, time, trust, and care are important factors when it comes to nurturing a blossoming friendship. However, it’s important to remember, that this is not directly a personal relationship. The customer pays your wages and you need to take care of their needs in a way that is profitable as a service to them and financially for yourself.

Listening to your client is like having your personal pot of never-ending gold. Finding out what their likes and dislikes are when it comes to hair – and life in some cases – can empower you to recommend products, colours, styles, and tips that suit their needs.

When you work with a new client and they say to you, “my previous hairdresser never listened to what I wanted,” it’s a great opportunity to wow them! Use positive language to reinforce what you will physically do for them. This is a small, yet effective first step to nurturing a long-standing client relationship.

Always let your client know what products you are using on their hair during the appointment. This invites a purchase at the end of the service. By using this technique of commentary hairdressing, it shows that you are treating them as an individual and also demonstrates your professionalism. Of course, still engage in casual conversation throughout their appointment. This personal touch can simply be asking them about their family, careers, and hobbies, which will invite continued conversation when they return for future appointments.

As you come towards the end of your client’s appointment, recommend that they rebook an appointment in advance, as your schedule tends to fill up fast. Reassure them that you would like to book a time that is suitable to them. This helps to create a positive habit and becomes obvious to the client that you are being selfless.

When saying goodbye, reaffirm that you’re appreciative of their appointment and seal it with a firm hand shake, gentle pat on the back, or a peck on the cheek (depending on your client!) – choose what you’re most comfortable with. People always remember positive behaviour, and it will bounce back in your favour in the months to come.

All of the above are very important in their own right, but together they can cement a healthy, happy relationship with your clients.

Simon Cox is the owner of the award-winning Clipso salon in St Albans