BLOG: HD Brows founder Nilam Holmes-Patel on the importance of staff education and training

Nilam Holmes-Patel

Education is something that is very close to my heart; it has formed a foundation from which we have been able to steadily build the HD Brows brand since its inception in 2008. As an integral part of the business, we continue to develop and evolve our curriculum to meet our clients’ needs so that they, in turn, can continue to meet theirs.

The beauty industry is ever-changing and salons need to constantly improve their treatment services, while keeping one-step ahead of the market, in order to meet consumers’ needs. This is why HD Brows educates stylists to the highest of standards, offering premium state-of-the-art training facilities and courses delivered by our elite HD Brows trainers (who have the combined experience of training more than 4,000 new stylists over the last five years). Our training can only be undertaken at one of five exclusive academies, based across the UK, all of which have been approved by myself, personally.

If you’re looking into training options for yourself or your staff, to improve your beauty services, then it pays to do your research. Reputable training courses will usually be split across two days or more (depending on the treatment) and tend to be a mix of both theory and practical. It’s important to invest in a credible training course provider that your clients will recognise, so researching thoroughly from the outset is key. If there is a demand for a certain treatment, ensure you invest in training at the highest level, so that your educational expenditure is truly worthwhile. In this arena you really do get what you pay for; cheap courses with a curriculum that is crammed into just one day can mean that modules aren’t being covered effectively enough for you or your staff to offer a premium standard of treatment. Intensive is different to cutting corners, and cheap is no substitute for quality.

Salon owners should always look for accredited courses with a good reputation, which is why HD Brows training has been approved by The Guild. Check out the testimonials of students who have already completed the course for an unbiased view of the training standards and what your business can gain from it – they should be crucial in your decision as they provide you with invaluable insight. Don’t forget to ask about the training facilities on offer too, and check out the trainer to student ratio to ensure that you and your staff get the attention needed to secure their skills. The devil is in the detail, so it pays to do your research.

Once you are proficient in your new treatment(s), look at offering your clients promotions for a limited period to enhance interest. Sampling something new that they might not have considered before is the perfect way to spark excitement and encourage further sales. Once you or your staff are fully trained, it is also beneficial to line up model clients so that trained technicians can put into practice what they have learnt as soon as they are back at the salon. This makes sure that they offer a good standard of treatment before they begin to charge.

Knowledge really is power and investing in the future of both your staff and your business will truly pay dividends with your clients in the long term.

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