BLOG: How to encourage repeat business, by Sienna X spray tan expert Helen Golledge

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Renowned for ‘eating, sleeping and breathing Sienna X’, Helen Golledge is the brand’s  most established spray tanning expert. Here she shares three top tips to encourage customers to come back again and again:

As a part time therapist, I find myself constantly inundated with requests for appointments – without ever really having to market my tanning business. Word of mouth is so powerful, doing all the hard work for me – all I really have to focus on is making sure people come back to me. I make sure that I am always sporting my own tan, so that when people ask about it, I can offer it to them as a service. I like to make my clients feel special, like every time is the first time, and I find these tips come in really handy along the way:

1. Reward Loyalty

Retaining existing business is much more cost effective than generating new business; in fact a repeat customer spends on average 67 per cent more than a new one. Reward your customers each time they visit by offering a points system, allowing them to work towards receiving a free or discounted treatment.

2. Encourage Word Of Mouth

92 per cent of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing. Use this to your advantage by offering a recommend a friend scheme, giving your clients an extra incentive to talk about their treatment. A joint offer can be utilised, giving benefits to both the referrer and the referee. This keeps existing business coming through the door, and generates new business without any cost!

3. Welcome feedback

Feedback is an integral part of a business’ development. By taking clients’ views on board, you are showing that you value their opinion and trust their judgement. Don’t take negative feedback personally (it is always difficult for clients to express their views when they aren’t happy), instead thank your client and look at ways that you can improve their experience going forward.

Helen Golledge is part of the award winning Sienna X Customer Services team and has been an active spray tan therapist for 4 years.