BLOG: Maximising your salon revenue, by Steven Gunnip of Salon Evolution

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Salon Evolution is a business development and marketing agency that was created in response to a growing need in the hair and beauty industry for salons to better understand how to use their existing resources to generate more income.

What percentage of salons around the country are actually maximising on revenue coming into their salons at the moment?

Why are we always talking about percentages anyway? A large number of salon owners I meet every day just switch off when we talk percentages so let me ask you a few direct questions that will allow us to find out the truth as to whether your salon is maximising on their revenue:

Out of all the colour clients that came through your columns last week, how many of them were educated by their technician about how to maintain their colour?

Of course, you can’t listen in to every conversation, but let’s look at the number of retail products sold to these clients.

Currently, one out of 20 seems to be the norm (five per cent). Why? Shouldn’t it be more like six to seven out of 20 (30 per cent)?

Out of all the clients coming through your salon last week, how many of them would have benefitted from a treatment?

How many treatments did your entire team actually sell last week?

Out of all the new clients coming through the doors of your salon last month, how many of them re-booked on the day?

What systems have you put in place with your front of house team to battle the common rebuff: “I’ll take a card and call you back when I have my schedule with me”?

Most importantly, how are you investing your salon’s downtime? How are you making sure that you utilise your downtime effectively to ensure future downtime is minimal?

Teaching salon teams to maximise on all these sections is the first step. I am the first to say that sales does not have its place in salons. Education and well-structured consultations are the key to success, we all know this, but how do we overcome the resistance I get from every salon team meeting, with objections such as, “I don’t sell, I hate it!” or “I feel like I’m going to scare my client away and I don’t want to be seen as a sales person”. I am also a strong believer that New Client Consultation and Regular Client Consultation have to be very different to one another; are they different in your salon?

Teaching everyone on the floor the skeleton of a well-designed consultation and allowing them to wrap their personality around it is what we should all be shooting for, which allows the creatives to mold a service individual to them.

In conclusion, Salon Evolution will run a series of blogs with The Salon Magazine that is specific to one of these categories. If your salon needs assistance in one of these categories before the next blog, then please contact us directly at Salon Evolution, and we can arrange a time and date to see you in the your salon.

Steven Gunnip, founder of Salon Evolution