BLOG: Reception; The Unsung Heroes of our Salons, by Gavin Hoare

gavin hoare main image
Gavin Hoare is the salon manager at the Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa 

In my opinion, the unsung heroes of any salon has to be the reception team. Whether that team is one, two or in our case seven, they are the mainstay of any hairdressing business. Usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, they act as the lynchpin that sets the tone of a professional well run salon.

Getting the all-important right team in place is key and no easy task. In my case, I have to get a happy balance between seven, bright and capable personalities. Currently we’ve got it sorted; a perfect balance of harmony reigns supreme with the main focus on delivering exemplary customer service to the masses. As fabulous as my team can be, my role is still a constant, ongoing and a conscious effort as mentor and manager to make sure they do not lose sight of delivering exemplary customer service consistently, from the first point of contact to the last.

Many stylists regard their reception as a dull and uninspiring place to be, second class to the cutting room floor, a place where the failed hairdresser will languish until their dotage. This has never been my experience and from the first moment I stepped behind the desk I knew I’d come home. I am truly passionate about what we do, when I was a kid and my mum would come back from a visit to the hairdressers and I could see how it made her feel. My aim every day is to make every client feel fabulous and most importantly, to feel valued. I believe that for today’s client it’s about so much more than just great hair, they want the total experience and reception play a vital role.

Our receptionists need to be valued for the essential duties they perform. They are the natural service givers, the ones that realise that even by remembering the smallest detail they can make someone’s day and they are the ones whose aim is to think two steps ahead; they are the carers, the sharers, the meeters and the greeters. Our front of house is the first point of contact and the last, they are ultimately responsible for the smooth running of any salon, the people who work there, and those that visit. Our fabulous, wonderful reception are the first impression that you may never get a second chance to give, let’s always remember and celebrate these often unsung heroes.