BLOG: Ruth Atkins, Salon System educator, shares her thoughts on salon waxing

ruth atkins

Wax to the Max

There are so many waxes on the market now it’s difficult to know what to choose. Do you go for something cheaper but not as kind to the skin? Do you go for what’s on offer or even an own brand? Do you go luxury or spa? Do you go warm or hot? It’s pretty extensive these days!

What is important is that as a salon you need to be able to provide your customer with a choice, but not too much choice, as to confuse the client. Let’s face it, they don’t normally know what they want or need, so it’s up to you, the therapist to be able to guide and advise on the best options for the treatment.  Sometimes when your client has enjoyed her last wax treatment she might say things like, “I liked the purple wax” or “I liked the one that you could touch” and as the wax pot is already in the heater when she arrives, the brand is normally hidden away so the experience and results have to speak for themselves.

Hot waxes have come a full circle and I’m pleased to say, they’ve never been better. As a therapist who initially trained in hot waxes eons ago, the ones on the market now are a far cry away from the old, very hot, unhygienic and difficult to apply brittle hot waxes.

What is very interesting are the new fifth generation waxes, such as the Salon System Multiflex and Flexiwax Waxes, that challenge the hot wax rules and allows you, the therapist, to remove the wax in any direction – perfect for those awkward to get to areas. These fifth generation new waxes are fully synthetic, feel only slightly warmer than a warm wax, come in a variety of flavors, are non-brittle and really kind to the skin.  They work by shrinking and encapsulating the hairs – even the very short ones, so there’s no skin removal, no reaction and the growing time between treatments is far less – making your client return quicker without the need to wait for ideal regrowth length.

Warm waxes have also developed over the years and gel waxes are still proving popular, being good for both men and women and for all areas of face and body with a quick melt down time of 10 minutes – great for your early morning appointments and walk in clients during the day. These smell heavenly with added ingredients like cherry, aloe, and cucumber and a brand new lavender option. Say goodbye to that horrible waxy smell permeating the whole salon area!

Also another good idea from Salon System is the recently launched disposable empty inner wax pots.  Now you can use one heater to do the lot – hot wax, warm wax and even paraffin wax with these easy to use inner pots. No longer do you need to buy a multitude of heaters – saving on space and your purse in these austere times.

Waxing is our bread and butter treatment. Every therapist needs to embrace the wide choice of waxes and applications available so it’s important that you keep yourself up to date with the new launches and techniques.  Make sure you’re reading The Salon regularly, look into educational classes (Training Solutions run a one day hot wax course which is open to competent waxers and covers intimate waxing, along with areas like nasal waxing for guys) that help you keep abreast of the world of waxing, so you can Wax to the Max!