BLOG: Salon success coach David Drew shares more tips on creating the perfect client experience

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In my last blog for The Salon Magazine, I talked about creating a ‘Service Cycle’ for your salon, which will detail the perfect client experience at your salon. Once you have all your staff on board and working towards the same criteria and goals, you can start to introduce extra techniques to really push your customer service above and beyond.

Your salon’s unique ‘Service Cycle’ needs to have within it a set and agreed standard of the sort and percentage of verbal communication each team member should be having with every client.

‘Hair Dialogue’, as I call it, should make on average 70 per cent of the verbal communication during the appointment, and only 30 per cent on all the other stuff. Unfortunately my experience as a specialist salon success coach has found that in most salons the stylists spend the majority of their time talking about anything BUT the client’s hair!

Salon owners and managers need to continuously hold staff training sessions to practice on this area for their teams to develop the necessary communication skills to achieve this 70/30 per cent goal.

Included in the 70 per cent ‘Hair Dialogue’ could be discussing the client’s individual ‘Hair Plan’ – another effective method in encouraging re-bookings. Stylists should talk through the various styling options, identifying solutions to the client’s hair issues and additional service opportunities, both for the current appointment and what can be aimed for in the future.

Clients just love it when we share our recommendations, ideas and enthusiasm for creating their new looks. These recommended ‘Hair Plans’ for every client will add tremendous value to the service appointment, going above and beyond the norm, turning the appointment into a ‘Service Experience’!

This will also confirm in the clients mind that they have made the right decision in choosing your salon over any of the other competition.

Once the salon has its individual ‘Service Cycle’ and ‘Client Hair Plans’ in place, it has something new and different to shout about. Send a newsletter out to all the clients on your database, letting them know about your new and improved service, and inviting them to visit for their personalised ‘Client Hair Plan’ consultation.

This will also be a great opportunity to contact clients who haven’t returned for a period of time and entice them to come back to have their own individual ‘Hair Plan’ designed, and let them experience the new service difference and added value offered!

As ‘GUCCI’ said: “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”


David Drew