BLOG: Salon System’s Ruth Atkins on everything you need to know about gel nails

ruth atkins

I’m not the only one who loves wearing colour on my nails – just look at the women on the high street. However, my nails are getting ridged and it’s becoming more and more difficult to get my nail polish looking perfect. Even the most talented nail technician using the best brands of nail polish still doesn’t achieve that smooth plumped up high shine look anymore.

To get the look I desire, I now have gel nails done every three weeks. With gel, there is no more ridges, no more flacking, no more chipping or wearing away and, best of all, no more waiting for polish to dry, so it’s a great addition to any salon.

The new nail gels on the market, such as Gellux from Salon System, cure under an LED lamp in 30 seconds, and two minutes if you use a UV lamp. This means that your clients will be in and out of the salon in around 30 minutes, which makes it a speedy and affordable treatment for your clients, yet with a steady profit margin for you and your team.

Gels aren’t all about colour; the polish can be applied onto extensions, natural nails and acrylics, plus it’s also a great option for those clients looking to grow their nails; a coat of clear gel can add a layer of strength in an instant.

As far as training is concerned, it’s a simple procedure to learn, and great for beginners. Gel is applied like a nail polish, but more thinly and the ends are ‘capped’, which stops the gel from shrinking when being cured. A fast bond or primer is put on first, followed by a base coat that also doubles up as a top coat and high shine, with the colour sandwiched in the middle. Another great advantage of gel is that the shine doesn’t dull and lasts the full duration.

Training Solutions offer a fantastic one day course in Gellux nails by Salon System. Not only does it go through everything you need to know about how to apply and remove Gellux safely, effectively and professionally, but it also includes a ‘how to’ on three nail art designs using Gellux and custom colour blending to create a bespoke colour that’s just for your client.  As a result, your colour swatch will be infinite with the bonus of not having to stock loads and loads of shades – you can simply create your own. As part of the course, you also get a colour wheel to take home.

Gellux products are priced at £11.95 + VAT and are available from wholesalers nationwide including Capital Hair & Beauty

For the Salon System Gellux Gel Course (£65 + VAT) contact Training Solutions on 0208 845 115