BLOG: Seven things you should expect from a PR agency, by Johnny Paterson of Catalyst PR

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Today is the final instalment of my three-part mini PR masterclass. In the last two blogs, I have covered my definition of real PR and five things to consider when you are choosing a PR agency.

In today’s blog, I’m going to touch upon the really big question in a relationship between the client and a PR (and indeed marketing) agency, namely:

What you should expect from your agency.

Of course, every client/agency relationship will be based upon the agreed client brief, with a list of objectives and agreed strategies that will create a journey upon which this relationship will be judged.

However, I want to go a bit deeper than that and examine the foundations of this relationship and look at the basics that should be provided to you with an effective and valuable service.

An agency should always be:

  • Positive and pro-active – every contact with an agency should be enjoyable and progressive. They should be suggesting solutions and creating relevant concepts that will take things forward for you. If this is often not the case, then does the relationship need revisiting?
  • Coming up with great, business-building strategies based upon your agreed brief and objectives. If the ideas are off-beam, or if they do not generate real results, then you need to re-visit your brief to the agency or re-examine your agency operations. Importantly, do not sit back and accept this situation. This situation is holding you back.
  • Accessible to you and contacting you with ideas and reports.
  • Commercially aware of your objectives and creating concepts that meet these objectives.
  • Providing you with regular, consistent, on-message and timely coverage.
  • Showing a growth of activity consistent with your growth and development.
  • Accountable, demonstrating why actions have been taken and explaining the beneficial outcomes.

And this all still applies after six months, a year or longer. They should be demonstrating the same enthusiasm and energy as when your account was first won.

I trust these last three ‘In the Know’ blogs have proven interesting and useful. If they have prompted you to think about looking at PR agencies, or even made you question your relationship with an existing agency, then we at Catalyst would love to talk to you.

In the meantime,

Stay Positive,

Johnny Paterson