BLOG: Sunless tanning tips by Jayne Covington, marketing manager at LDN:Skins

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Jayne Covington is marketing manager at LDN:Skins. Here she shares her top tips for sunless tanning with The Salon Magazine.

Q: What are the latest trends in sunless tanning right now?

A: We have found that nowadays clients want to look healthy and have a natural glow rather than an obviously ‘fake’ tan. LDN:Skins is perfect for this with the range of natural tones that no one will realise are fake – it’s all about tone not tan!

Q: What are the new product innovations and technologies coming through?
A: LDN:Skins products are formulated using Eco-cert ingredients and premium DHA to provide optimum sunless tanning results. As a manufacturer, we often research new products and equipment and will only add the most innovative products to our range.

Q: What do clients expect from a professional sunless tanning service?
A: Clients expect to receive an even-looking, natural tan that fades gradually without the dreaded ‘snake-skin’ effect and ‘biscuit smell’ – all benefits that you will find with LDN:Skins products, including an unique English Lavender scent.

Q: How can salons ensure that they surpass all their expectations?
A: By creating a memorable experience from start to finish; ensuring that the correct pre-tan/skin preparation advice is provided and that post-tan retail products and advice is offered.

Q: How can salons really stand out from the competition when it comes to their tanning services?
A: By ensuring that they have a full marketing promotional plan in place based on seasonal consumer demands e.g. an LDN:Skins Moisturising Lotion can be included with their tanning treatment if the client is going away on holiday etc.

Q: What should a great salon tanning menu look like?
A: A great menu should have tans available with different tones that would suit different skin types and complexions, allowing clients to achieve their required tone and look with ease.

Q: How can salons promote their tanning services to new and loyal clients?
A: By using LDN:Skins merchandising products; there is a range of posters and advice leaflets to promote the LDN:Skins brand and tanning treatments to your clients available through LDN:Skins. Social media is also a great way of staying connected with your clients, providing news, updates and even competitions to promote the brand.

Q: Would you recommend running a promotion to boost appointments? If so, what would you suggest?
A: Yes, it is a great idea to provide seasonal offers to boost particular treatments and products at any given time. For example, our ‘July Pre-Holiday Offer’ gave clients a free retail-sized Moisturising Lotion after a LDN:Skins Couture Spray Tan to maintain the tan throughout the holiday. Alternatively, our Bridal Offer gave clients a free Shimmer Lotion with a LDN:Skins Luxury Spa Tan to create a beautiful glow for their big day.

Q: How can salons build loyalty through their tanning services?
A: Our experience shows that giving the most professional service possible makes your client wish to return to your salon every time. Loyalty Cards are a great way of encouraging your clients to return for future treatments, offering a free product or treatment after a set number of visits.

Q: Where do you see the future of sunless tanning heading?
A: In our opinion, it is a growing market due to the consumer demand for sunless tanning as being a safe alternative to harmful UV rays. Tanning demands also differ from region to region, with some clients often requiring a weekend tan, whilst others only require a tan for that special occasion.
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