BLOG: Syran John on how to max the potential of wedding hair

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Syran John has enjoyed a long career in hairdressing with her own successful business in a small rural village in South Wales, where she has established a reputation as a wedding specialist.

Wedding hair and catering for bridal parties can be lucrative for your salon, we know this already, so in this, my second blog spot, we’ll discuss how to max the potential of wedding hair while maintaining the best possible care for your client. 

When a bride rings or calls in to the salon the first important thing to do is to make her feel welcome and confident in your ability to make her feel like a million dollars on her wedding day.

Listen then Act

When the bridal client visits the salon, the first thing my team and I will do is take her to our consultation area and sit down with her and listen. I like to find out a bit about her thoughts, views and her everyday lifestyle just to get a feel for what she would like on the day.

I take a look at her hair to examine her texture, length and thickness to determine what would be realistic to achieve. I wouldn’t want her to think we can achieve the impossible and put false hope in her mind. When carrying out a bridal consultation, it’s vital to include everything within it from the start, such as availability, price and how many are in the party. Take into consideration the design of the dress – would what the bride has in mind suit it? Identify the opportunity to include extensions if appropriate and only if you feel it’s necessary.

What she is considering might not make sense to you. It’s up to you to advise her. It is so important to consult with the bride from the start, so that you’ve done everything you can to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly with no step backs along the way.

Take Control

If the future bride chooses you to style her hair, then ask if she would like you to style all of the wedding party – why not? If you offer other services within your business, such as beauty, then opportunities exist to increase the revenue from the client. The more you can offer that bride the better for your business and everyone involved.

Remember Client Experience

Personally, I would only suggest and offer styles that would suit that bride. If she says she’s on a budget then obviously I wouldn’t short change myself but I would work out a package that the bride is comfortable with. I don’t like it when the client experience is compromised over the need to increase revenue. The bride is putting all her trust in you for the most important day of her life. Style her hair in a style that suits her and her theme. Put yourself in her shoes. Would you like it if somebody did a style on you that costs a fortune but looks absolutely ridiculous?

No, I thought not.

Picture Perfect

When you carry out your initial consultation it’s a nice gesture to add in a complimentary glossing service a day or two before the big day. That way the bride’s hair will be in optimum condition and have a lovely sheen to it for those important memories to be captured on camera. Will you be creating revenue? Absolutely, in the long run. Think about the bigger picture.

The Law

Avoid misunderstandings, understand your client, and be sure to offer the best possible consultation you can.

In my next blog we’ll look at some strategies that continue the relationship with your bride and all of those concerned.

– Syran