BLOG: The importance of strategic salon marketing, by Spapreneur founder Nadia Arain

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Nadia Arain is a Heart Centric Business Woman and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who is a partner in dynamic growth for Spas and Salons by using life and spa liberation to enhance your lifestyle. A previous day spa owner, published author, business mentor and copywriter, she is the current founder and CEO of The Spapreneur Consulting and her niche is marketing and cash flow systems to have spas running smoothly at all times.

Every salon owner knows the importance of marketing. It has been preached several times to bring in more clients on a consistent basis, however most salon owners do not focus on a fully coherent strategy that will enable their dream clients to see them as the to-go-to place for the service they desire.

So why doesn’t this happen, you may be asking? Simply put, it is because the salon/spa owner is often a therapist themselves who has opened a beautiful, luxe place and suddenly, in their flawed thinking, believes and expects that people should walk through the door because – well – they exist. Strategic salon marketing involves taking the time out to really understand the key and core fundamentals of running your salon because without them, you will not be in business for very long.

The core fundamentals are business skills such as sales, marketing, negotiation, financials and operations. Most salon owners live in a cute dream world whereby all they focus on is how the client feels, which is all well and good however in order to run a successful salon, you have to be very business savvy. A lot of times, marketing for a salon is often very blasé, boring and bland because the owner doesn’t realise that you would rather be doing NO marketing than bad marketing.

So when the salon owner starts to shift into understanding that more than actually delivering the service, you need to be marketing your service, a real mental transformation happens. Operations mean that you have all your in-house strategy worked out so that when you market, you do it with fervour and enthusiasm, rather than hide for fear of not showing up correctly. Reading books, hiring a coach/consultant and investing in both yourself and your salon, is the biggest strategy you can give to your bottom line.

Strategic salon marketing understands that in order for your salon to not only be successful however profitable, business sense is needed. The trouble a lot of a lot of salon owners make in the beginning and something I personally had to learn the hard way when I owned my own spa, was not seeking expert guidance, help and advice for being afraid to spend money, which is a poverty mentality. The fear of spending money because you don’t feel you have any, is exactly what will keep you stuck in playing small. Educating yourself on novel and unique ways to make your salon stand out from the crowd is what draws in your ideal client.

Your ideal client wants to feel like this salon was made for them and only them. We often choose to give our money to where we are made to feel the most resonance and comfort. Strategy takes care of that. Instead of shooting blanks in the dark, by posting an offer out on Facebook every two weeks or offering an open house every quarter, suddenly every single month—you have a plan.

And the salon with the plan, always wins.

– Nadia