BLOG: Tim Scott-Wright fills us in on the first month of business at his new salon

Tim Scott Wright_The Hair Surgery

So the past month was probably the busiest, the scariest, the most demanding, the most rewarding, and the most exhilarating of my life so far! What happened I hear you cry – did I get married or give birth? No… I opened my first solo venture salon after 18 months of preparation. Here’s a pic!

The beginning of February was when we opened the doors – I say ‘we’, for those of you who haven’t yet met him, Andreas Nicoli is my partner, both in life and in business and, frankly, without his input I am not sure we would have opened on time… or on budget!

But open we did, and thanks to the power of Facebook and Twitter (please do follow me!) my two stylists, Jo and Abby, and I had full columns throughout the first week! In fact so full, that I had to very quickly employ our first trainee, Sophie, and also look for another stylist (delighted to have Darren Joshua who joined us on 8th March). It has been a roller coaster of a month – and it has gone so quickly.

Being an owner you suddenly realise that you can’t stop working once your last client has gone. My evenings and days off have been spent getting to grips with interviews, salaries, payroll, rotas, and supplier meetings!

I was once told that the first month of business is your ‘trial month’, a time to realise what does and doesn’t work, to tweak what you need to tweak, and to finally have some actual figures to start working from to help you realistically forecast for the rest of the year. And this I have to say is completely true, but on the whole it has been a great month with our focus on bringing in clients – new and old. As I said, social media has been great for that, but also we have been working with the local press to get interviews and reviews, which also have an impact for us as we have very good local media in this area.

And has there been anything negative this month? Apart from not having enough time in the day! Not really, except when a client’s toddler decided to pour nail varnish remover over our gorgeous French-polished coffee table – our favourite bit of furniture in the salon! Oh well, once the shock had died down and the very apologetic client offered to pay the repair bill, we were back to normal again. I guess you really can’t plan for everything!

I’ll check in with you next month to let you know what we have been up to.


Tim Scott-Wright @ The Hair Surgery

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