BLOG: Top tips for the season’s lash and brow trends by Salon System’s Ruth Atkins

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Ruth Atkins is Salon System’s educator.

With the chilly mornings and tumbling leaves of autumn already upon us, we’re starting to think about dark nights and cosy log fires, chunky knit jumpers and fur boots. We’re also starting to get excited and plan our looks for the many parties we will be attending over the upcoming months.

As our tans fade, we often change our make-up to suit our new complexions. A softer lash and brow looks great on a paler skin tone and suits anyone and everyone. For the evening and party time, you can jazz up your this look with lashes that have sparkle already attached for full on glamour and volume.

Creating your autumn/winter lashes and brows
For a soft and natural daytime look, choose from Salon System’s Naturalash strip lash range; these feature a mix of black and brown coloured lashes that compliment a winter skin tone and give a softer, more feminine look. Salon System’s new 3D Corner Boost Lashes from the Naturalash range are also great for an autumn/winter daytime look as they add interest and subtle texture. For this season’s brows, choose a shade that isn’t too dark, or you can even lift the natural colour using a bleaching tint and then add colour for a light, natural brown or graphite tone. Finish off your daytime look using brow powder such as Salon System’s MarvelBrow Pallet (£14.95+VAT); begin with a lighter shade and gradually increase the depth of colour to the tail end of the brow.

When it comes to creating an evening look, Salon System’s Naturalash Volume styles are a must for giving the eyes a dramatic frame. I would then recommend using a darker brow shade to define and sculpt the brows, as well as balancing a heavier lash or smoky eye makeup. The MarvelBrow Pallet also doubles up as a liquid liner when the brush is used wet so it’s ideal for finishing off any party lash and brow look!

Encouraging your clients to try a new lash and brow look
We are creatures of habit, and although the latest catwalk trends do not always suit every client, we can still encourage our clients to adapt their look to become more modern. Wearing different styles of lashes on a day to day basis in the salon is the most effective way to demonstrate the types of looks you can create with different lash styles. Creating a new look is all about getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting, so as the therapist, you need to show by example. If your clients are reluctant to wear lashes then you can start small, for example, cutting a lash in half and positioning it on the outer corner of the eye is a great step to getting them used to wearing lashes. Before you know it, your clients will be back wanting to try heavier styles as their confidence increases. It’s also a step towards getting your clients into wearing longer term lashes, such as individual lashes or lash extensions, as they’ll want to achieve the same look but on a more permanent basis. Brow powder is also great for nervous clients as it can be easily removed and you can create soft or heavier tones depending on your client’s preferences.

Capitalising on the autumn/winter season
Christmas is by far the best time to convince a virgin lash wearer to try them for the first time, as the majority of your clients will have at least one event to attend, whether it’s a party, luncheon or a Christmas dinner. Most people will be buying a new outfit and getting their hair styled, so retailing strip lashes at this time of year is an easy sell. Offer strip lash applications with purchase or offer them within a make-over treatment. There are regular offers on Salon System lashes so pass these offers onto your clients to boost your winter retail sales.

With lashes and brows becoming even more prominent in the fashion world, it’s vital that you’re up to date on this season’s trends and using every opportunity available to make the most of the boom in this area.

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