Boss Your Salon Conducts Financial Industry Survey

Boss Your Salon is conducting the largest financial industry survey, and they need your help.

They are currently providing free access to two pricing calculators that are open to everyone. The first calculator helps individuals determine their current actual earnings, and the second focuses on calculating the necessary earnings to cover overhead costs and their cost of living. This survey aims to highlight a common mistake made by many business owners, including freelancers. Often, non-client-facing work such as administrative tasks, stock control and content creation is overlooked when calculating the cost of running a business and can significantly impact overall turnover. In some cases, this oversight could result in sole traders and freelancers paying themselves less than the minimum wage.

Maddi Cook, the founder of Boss Your Salon, stated, “There is often confusion within our industry between these two figures – actual salary and required salary. We want to gather solid evidence that clearly illustrates the difference. Our goal is to educate and empower salon owners and freelancers through our research. By understanding these core figures, we can collectively grow as an industry, set appropriate pricing and create sustainably successful businesses.”

The link to access these FREE calculators can be found here:

Actual Salary Calculator: 

Required Salary Calculator:  

The deadline for completing the calculators is July 26, 2024.

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