Botanical Brands set to welcome vegan beauty boom

botanicl brands vegan
Eco, organic and natural beauty distributor, Botanical Brands, has predicted that 2015 will see increased consumer demand for vegan beauty and has readied itself for the influx by launching a new dedicated vegan section to its website.

Kim Allan, director of Botanical Brands, explained: “The traditional image of vegans is being thrown out of the window! Far from being ‘fringe’ or ‘fad’, veganism is entering mainstream, with more and more people adopting a vegan lifestyle, even if they don’t consider themselves vegan full time.”

Allan continued: “The current explosion of A-List celebrities becoming vegans or adopting vegan lifestyles is also fuelling this consumer trend. It’s not surprising then, that an increase in the number of vegans is impacting on demand for vegan skincare and cosmetic products, and this growth in vegan consumerism will lead to increased choice of beauty brands that purport to be vegan.”

Alix Meek of The Vegan Society supports this observation, commenting: “The past few years have seen an exponential rise in the number of applications to use The Vegan Trademark. It has also been noticeable that demand for the Trademark for non-food items, especially cosmetics and skincare, is increasing in particular, as people realise there is more to the cruelty-free life than food.”

The new Vegan section on Botanical Brand’s website will provide consumer and trade customers with easy access to brands that are certified natural, are free of chemical ingredients, and are made without exploitation and cruelty to animals.