Brooks + Brooks hair trend report


Marlon Joseph Hawkins of Brooks + Brooks reports on the key styles and hair trends at the London salon.

Clients are craving a more experimental style. There has been a strong shift recently; people want to be the first to try something, everyone has become individual trend drivers and new doors are opening to reveal an adventurous time within hairdressing.

When reviewing colour, rose tones in blond are making a juxtaposing statement by aligning warm tones to cool tones. This gives the hair a panel of warm light and helps your hair look healthy and alive. Clients are requesting tones from pastel palettes to mix up standard colours.

I can see a generation switch happening of late. The usual roles are being reversed; the younger generations are using block colours with classic cutting and shapes, whilst the older generation are playing with different shades, colours and styles. Mirroring this, we can see ethnic styles being reversed. During this year’s festival season, Caucasian clients are braiding and dreadlocks are also a focused trend bring us back to those Woodstock days. Long hair is still driving this season and the top knot is leading us into a boho chic, undressed and natural look.