Izabelle Hammon Limited

Izabelle Hammon Limited
Phone Number(s)
0845 2301087
0845 2601087
70 President Way, Airport Executive Park, Luton, Beds, LU2 9NL
Izabelle Hammon Limited is a beauty and nail supplier in the UK and Europe selling Calgel (a coloured gel nail system), Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up and IZ LED Gel (to prolong current nail systems) to professionals, consumers, celebrities and distributors as a range of luxurious products.

Calgel, a revolutionary one phase, self-levelling colour gel (an everlasting polish or semi-permanent nail polish as it is often referred to) with over 100 colours that is applied to the natural nail and will last up to 6 weeks (longer on toes) giving you smudge proof, non-chip lasting colour polish while protecting your natural nails. Calgel also adds strength to the natural nail and offers a chip free nail colour that can be safely and quickly soaked off to leave clean and damage free nails.

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up is a revolutionary system that creates perfect shaped eyebrows in just seconds, giving you the opportunity to emphasize your eyebrows in an easy, affordable and professional way. Christian fills in sparse areas, scars and quickly transforms thin, short and pale eyebrows into the perfect shape and colour every time. Christian eyebrow makeup is a superb quality, water resistant pressed powder available in 8 colours.

IZ LED Gel is unlike current gel/varnish hybrids available and has the same consistency as Calgel. It is intentionally thicker than current gel varnishes, offering added strength, flexibility and protection against breakage and chipping. The gel can also be used by technicians to sculpt and apply under or over tip applications.