Couture Training

Couture Training
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To provide quality products and Training in Hair Removal from the bare basics to the most advanced hair removal techniques and procedures. Teaching you how to wax every part of the Male & Female anatomy, with pride & confidence to “Set the Salon Standard” so that your clients Will “Feel the Difference”
From Head to Toe we will help you to unleash your confidence and true potential.

We will help you to enter the lucrative waxing industry by teaching you Accredited revolutionary techniques for both male and female full body & XXX waxing.

To set the salon standard with Quality Products and Accredited training, trusted techniques and a proven track record to help you not only boost your business and profits but also your confidence.

Covering everything in Hair Removal we will help you in all aspects of marketing the Housekeeping Service of any beauty Business so that you can attract, wax and keep the clients coming back to Feel The Difference