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Well, here we are again nearly the end of another year. 2013 brought many new techniques and new treatments to the hair and beauty industry along with the recession.I think we thought it was going to be a challenge  for everyone,  surprisingly it has not been the case. In my own Salon I introduced new treatments this year and they  have  been very popular and brought us new clients and been received favourably by existing clients. Also we are very excited about our new Hair and Beauty training college that is opening soon where we will also be covering some of the specialist treatments we offer in our own salon.

The reason we succeeded where some have failed? I think that is a case of really knowing your market I have been in my own salon for over 30 years and seen many treatments come and go for just that reason not knowing their market. Personally i have always strived to meet my clients needs first bringing them the best quality products and the most up to date information to enable them to make their own decisions on how they can move forward with any issues they may have and importantly then support them.

For me it has always been very  important to give my clients 100%  along side what they think they want and if it is achievable realistically. Hair plays a very big part in men and women’s lives sadly now due to illness we see a lot of children loosing their hair too.

I am really proud to  be able to say that the service i have brought to all my clients over the years have in a lot of cases changed their lives for the better. I deal with a huge amount of clients of both sex’s who have suffered hair loss for one reason or another could be illness, could be stress, the common denominator in both cases is that the loss of their hair means they lose their confidence as individuals  it will be greater in some than others but it means they have little or no quality of life bringing them depression so bad sometimes they will not leave the house at all, for me to be able to give them their life back is a humungous privilege and very gratifying position to be in they leave my salon with a renewed zest for the life they had once and lost. Look out for details about the opening date of our hair and beauty college opening very soon where we will  also offer courses on specialised treatments we currently offer in our own salon.