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Every aspect of a client’s journey is crucial from the moment they visit the website, talk to a member of staff on the phone or enter the salon. As professionals, we need to ensure that we are making each element a pleasant and enjoyable experience, maximising on the benefits that can be drawn from top quality customer service.


A positive online reputation is something that will serve your salon well and can influence the type of clientele attracted to your business. Presentation is key. Hairdressing and beauty services all come down to one thing – making your clients look and feel amazing. If your salon website doesn’t portray a business that has a positive and cosmopolitan image, your potential clients will not understand that you can create the personal image they desire.

In terms of navigation and website development, you should ensure the user journey is friendly and that visitors can access all of the information they need, including contact details and pricing. Moreover, a selection of model images will add credibility. Keep your site simple and fill it with the necessities.

Also, make sure you make the most of online review sites. When you enter your salon’s name in Google, what kind of information comes up? This is exactly what potential clients will read about you online so make sure it shows you in the best possible light. If you have any negative reviews, don’t worry. Just make sure you response to each one and address the situation positively.


Speaking on the telephone may seem like a simple task but it is not one that comes naturally to everyone and neither is it specifically taught. As a crucial element of customer service in salons, you need to ensure that all team members are up to scratch with a client-friendly telephone manner.

Every person answering the phone needs to focus on what is important to the client. They should provide a speedy service for telephone bookings and also aim to identify regular clients – with the aid of a database – to make clients feel valued. In contrast, all staff members need to be mindful of how to manage unhappy customers – keeping cool and staying professional while aiming to resolve the issue in the best way possible.

 In-salon: the waiting game

Clients should not be waiting long for their appointments and if they need to for any reason make sure there is a comfortable waiting area and they are offered tea or coffee during their wait.

During colour processing, are your clients being offered any other treatments? Make sure all your team members know how to be extra attentive. Offer hot beverages and a magazine and try offering nail treatments or even a shoulder massage at the hair station, should your salon provide that service. Not only will this make their salon experience even more enjoyable, but it can also make for a great profit opportunity for your business.

Alternatively, some salons are going digital and offering clients free WIFI and iPads to use while they wait. Meanwhile, in extreme cases, some top UK salons even offer a dog walking service! The point here is to get creative. Think about all the added extras that will make your clients’ journey even more enjoyable to really help your salon stand out from the crowd. Do this and you will reap the benefits.

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