BUSINESS: why first impressions are everything


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The impression given when a client first enters your salon might just be the deciding factor on whether they are to return or not. Your client may be happy with their new hairstyle or beauty treatment, but that is not the be-all and end-all.  Salons also need to make sure the impression given to clients enhances their over all experience. Because while you may not be congratulated on getting the simple things right, it can be the smallest details that make the biggest difference…

Be inspired 

Take the hospitality sector as inspiration for your salon. What do you most like about entering a high-end hotel? Is there something particularly standout from one of your favourite restaurants that made you want to return (apart from the food)? By thinking about how the top hospitality venues are treating their customers, you can get tips that translate to your salon and work on creating that ‘wow’ factor for your clients. For instance, do you have a meet and greet team? Is someone always available to take your clients’ coats? These are just simple measures that can make your salon welcoming and professional.

The little things

It may sound obvious but the little offerings a client receives in a salon really do make a difference. Take magazines for example – are yours suited to your clientele’s demographics and interests? Do you have an up-to-date selection? Make sure your magazines are both of the right quality and relevant.

Catering for all

Catering for your every client need needn’t be a rigorous process. By providing a simple but professional beverage offering, you can not only impress your customers with a delicious cup of coffee, but can ensure it is delivered in efficient time – an improvement that will be welcomed by staff and clients alike. Invest in a simple coffee machine that will create a range of drinks from the Americano to Latte – and don’t forget the biscuits! Some salons even offer a glass of wine for their clients, which can make a great treat for a Saturday afternoon appointment.

Talk the talk

Friendly staff in the salon is a basic expectation of clients and it is important to ensure there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Staff should ensure they have different talking points for their clients, steering away from weather talk. By building relationships with both new and existing clients and really getting to know them, customers will want to come back time and time again.

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