BUSINESS: why the small things really count


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It’s the little things that help turn a good salon into a great one. Simple and effective details can leave a client feeling pampered, important and not ‘just another client’. There are lots of ways to make a difference and ensure the devil remains in the detail, and not in the client….


No doubt you have put a lot of thought into the decor and the name of your salon to create just the right message, but all this can be undone or enhanced by music. Pick tunes that reinforce what you’re trying to achieve and don’t have a play list on repeat; it’ll drive clients crazy. Watch the volume too – you may be tempted to play it loud enough to keep you moving but clients often want to relax.


An uncontrollably hot hotel room is a nightmare and no matter how nice it is, it’ll be the first thing you tell your friends. So why not pay the same attention to the salon? You’re used to asking if the water temperature is OK but if a client is freezing cold or boiling hot while they are in the chair, it will impact on their experience.


Have you actually sat on your chairs? Scatter cushions in a window seat might look nice but if you have to keep a client waiting, are they going to feel comfortable enough to forgive the wait time?


Luke warm liquid in an old mug won’t do so think about getting a small footprint coffee machine like the NESCAFÉ Alegria to deliver a bespoke café experience. Then instead of just bog-standard coffee you’ll be able to create Americanos, Latte Macchiatos and even Cappuccinos. This touch of professionalism shows that you are committed to going that extra mile. The devil really is in the detail.

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