C It To Believe It

IMAGE Skincare UK are renowned for their meticulously chosen ingredients, advanced technologies, and professional expertise to deliver clients with clinically proven results. In this editorial, they share the benefits of vitamin C and why they have chosen this high-performance ingredient for their award-winning products within their VITAL C collection.

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in maintaining skin health, as the skin constitutes the body’s largest organ and is situated farthest from internal organs, making it the last recipient of nutrients from our dietary intake. Its significance lies in its ability to stimulate collagen production, a process that gradually declines by 1% annually starting at the age of 25 and further deteriorates, with an additional 30% loss in the first year after menopause. Incorporating Vitamin C into your clients’ skincare regimen offers numerous benefits, including skin brightening, pigmentation reduction, and bolstering the body’s natural defense mechanisms through its potent antioxidant properties.To harness the full potential of Vitamin C for your clients’ skin, topical application using concentrated skincare products is indispensable

The VITAL C collection by IMAGE Skincare encompasses four distinct Vitamin C blends, imparting both potency and efficacy. These blends feature Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, an oil-soluble Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, all of which are water-soluble. This carefully crafted blend not only brightens and stimulates collagen production but also alleviates redness, rendering it suitable even for the most sensitive skin types, thanks to our unique delivery system.

The Best Vitamin C Products

IMAGE Skincare’s products are meticulously formulated by board-certified dermatologists, ensuring reliability and efficacy. Among our award-winning and best-selling serums are:

VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum
This award-winning, bestseller is a high-potency serum designed to soften the appearance of wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, combat environmental damage, promote skin radiance, and address signs of dullness and fatigue using a range of Vitamin C forms. Hyaluronic acid in the formula helps retain hydration and maintain plump, resilient skin. Furthermore, green tea extract elevates the antioxidant capabilities of this serum.

VITAL C hydrating antioxidant A C E serum
We recommend this serum as a daily multi-vitamin for your clients’ skin. It features essential vitamins, amino acids, green tea extract, and natural skin brighteners to provide daily defense against environmental damage. The red rose wine complex combats signs of aging, including fine lines, while delivering maximum hydration to combat dryness and promote radiant, healthy-looking skin.


About IMAGE Skincare:

IMAGE Skincare® is a leading global skincare brand formulated by physicians from superior clinical and natural ingredients and tested by a panel of independent skincare professionals. IMAGE Skincare has been invigorated by skincare professionals since inception – founded by an aesthetician and plastic surgeon, the brand is recommended by over 50,000 skin experts in 60 countries.

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