Cater to the colour-conscious

In an exclusive interview with the team at Directions Hair Colour, we explore the colourful brand and the importance of sustainability in the hair industry.


What benefits can a salon see by introducing sustainable brands, like Directions in their salon?

Being in the industry for over 40 years now, we’ve seen many trends come and go, but one that is definitely here to stay is conscious clients! Whether that’s having the environment in mind or their personal preferences.

Directions Vivid collection is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Our stockists find this really valuable, as they can get a wide range of mindful products. All 46 of Directions conditioning colours are free from PPD, peroxide and ammonia, so this is great to offer for clients who have allergy concerns or a sensitive scalp.

By stocking Directions in your salon, you have the benefit of being able to offer a vibrant brand that allows for a guilt-free colouring lifestyle.


As sustainability remains at the forefront of the hair industry, how does the Directions range work in line with this?

Not only are our customer’s colouring-conscious, but as a brand we are too! Back in 2022, we updated our iconic tub for the first time in 40 years, to a new ocean-recycled plastic material. This has received a positive reaction from salons worldwide, which is brilliant to see our impact on sustainability going global! Then of course once the tub is used and empty, all colourists need to do is ensure all product residue is washed away and they can pop them straight into the recycling again.


Apart from its planet-friendly features, what gives the Directions range a competitive edge?

Not only do we have one of the biggest semi-permanent ranges on the market with 46 intense shades, we now offer 14% more colour with our new tub. Directions is now available in 100ml, which means salons can get even bolder colour for the exact same price. We wanted to make sure that our sustainable efforts only helped our stockists!

It’s also great to know that all 46 of our trendy shades are completely mixable, so alongside this and MORE colour, the combination possibilities to offer your clients are endless. We love seeing all the unique and artistic looks that come from the Directions community with this creative edge.


How can our readers work with you?

If you’re interested in stocking our bright range, benefit from industry discounts by setting up a free account on or get in touch with us via with any questions.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate hair professionals to join us with educational activity and colouring content, so if you’d like to demonstrate your favourite techniques, contact us on @directions_hair_colour or email!